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Catherine Summers

Freelance Writer/Style blogger

Freelance writer/blogger | Copywriter for hire | Blogging about her personal style & waving the fashion flag for 40-somethings | Photo tips | Musings on body image & ageing

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SES Recruitment

Staff Training and Development: Is It Worth the Investment?

Why invest in staff training? This is a question many employers ask, especially when staff turnover is high and it seems as if you’re throwing money away. However, higher staff retention is just one of the benefits that often comes as a result of investing in developing staff through providing a comprehensive training programme. Get it right and you could see a much higher return than your investment.
So, should you be investing in...

11 Ways to Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

Stress is an all-too common problem in today’s busy lifestyles. It affects both the mind and the body and has a great impact on people’s well being. If left unmanaged, it can lead to an increased risk of mental and physical problems...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

Why It's Great Being A Fashion Blogger Over 40

Fashion bloggers over 40... This may be a surprise to some, but it's actually great blogging in your forties (and, I should imagine, in your fifties, and sixties). If I were able to choose between starting a blog in my twenties or in my forties - the latter would win hands down every time. I'm going to...

SES Recruitment

Do You Know What Your Body Language at Work Says About You?

We should never underestimate the power of body language in business - it can make an equally positive or negative impression on clients and your colleagues. It can tell them things you may not want them to know: how confident you are, whether you’re having a bad day, or whether you like the person you’re sitting next to. In a business environment this may not be the sort of information you wish to unwittingly give out!
Learn how to use your own body language to...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

11 Ways To Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Losing some weight, if you have weight to lose, is often the result of better eating habits; if you suffer from general ailments such as lethargy, headaches and lack of energy, for example, then I'm pretty sure those problems will ease with a new approach to your diet.

So prepare to get your head in the right place - here's my top tips for...

Managing Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder that can happen to anyone. As the causes can range from serious illness to bereavement, it is not exclusive to those who are already struggling in life. Many successful people who seem to have everything going for them can find themselves battling depression.

It is also difficult for the family, friends, and colleagues of sufferers. It can take years...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

Why Short Wedding Dresses Are So Stylish & Affordable

Valentine's Day is this month, so there's sure to be a few new brides-to-be come 14th February. The first thing I'm sure every girl thinks of is the ring - immediately followed by the dress. With many couples paying for their own weddings these days and quite often on a budget, the last thing a girl wants to do is skimp on the dress. But there is one option that will save...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

10 Ways To Keep Fit In Your 40s

Here's my top ten tips for keeping fit, and - more importantly - staying fit!

1. Find your motivation, and your mojo. If you've had long periods of inactivity, or indeed a lifetime of it, finding your mojo is possibly the hardest thing to do. It's hard to imagine ever wanting to exercise, but the attitude you eventually want is not one where you're having to force yourself to exercise, but where...

SES Recruitment

11 Ways to Make a New Member of Staff Feel Welcome

Many people have a story to tell about their first day at a new job which made a bad impression on them. It’s sometimes the case that the job role itself is fine and the people are pleasant, but nothing is done to make new staff feel particularly welcome...

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Mercedes-Benz South West Car Blog – My London Fashion Week Experience

London Fashion Week … I have to admit: I am not a high-fashion, couture or fashion week expert. So for me to be writing about...


Get Your Print and Marketing Communications on Trend for Summer 2013

After the high of national events in 2012, which saw some huge graphic design projects including the Olympics and Golden Jubilee Celebrations take place, 2013 is shaping up to be a year of budget sens...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

What Is Age-Appropriate Dressing, Anyway?

Today I'm musing an expression that's heard a lot in the media today with regards to fashion for ladies of a certain age: age appropriate. I guess it's meant as a term that's there to make older women feel reassured that they're doing the right thing, that they're dressing 'correctly'...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

How To Make The Most Of Your Best Feature

All too often we won't admit that we like something about ourselves often enough for fear of being perceived as bigheaded or vain...

SES Recruitment

How to Write an Effective Job Description

A well-constructed, concise and accurate job description can benefit your business in terms of attracting, hiring and retaining the best employee for the position for which you are recruiting. Think a...

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Not Dressed As Lamb

What London Fashion Week Is REALLY Like | My LFW Experience

London Fashion Week... I have to admit: I am not a high-fashion, couture or fashion week expert. I do not follow...